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About the training:

  • Working on ways to transform your relationship with food…. this is a “LIFE CHANGER” according to previous attendees. In about 60 minutes, we’ll discuss how to:

  • Eat all foods you love in moderation

  • Quiet the obsessive diet mindset

  • Listen to your body (so you stop bingeing)

  • Be present with friends and family without stressing about food

  • Get out of the up & down yoyo diet cycle once and for all

    Be prepared: By having a pen & paper ready! Also, you are anonymous in the webinar, no one can see OR hear you. You will have a chat box option if you have questions!

What are people saying about this?
  • “The information is truly life-changing.”
  • “So many different ideas I haven’t heard yet.”
  • “I can use some of these tips immediately!”
  • “I am ready to take on the binge cycle once and for all.”
  • “It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles with food noise, guilt, anxiety, restrictive diets to all out binges. It’s even better to know there’s HOPE.”
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My ultimate goal as a certified health coach is to help as many women as possible transform their relationships with food to find balance, eat everything they love in moderation, quit the obsessive diet cycle and mindset, be present with friends and family all while maintaining a healthy & fit body.