It’s Not About Food by Carol Normandi

  • Practical advice & steps to find food freedom
  • Shares a lot of stories from women who have been through it all
  • Helps you see the big picture of how you can stop the vicious cycle and get to a place where you feel fit and confident


Why Weight by Geneen Roth 

This book opened my eyes to all of the reasons I starting turning to food, overeating, and bingeing in the first place. The book has worksheets, and exercises you can take your time practicing everyday. It’s so helpful and a resource I go back to often.


The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte

  • This book is indirectly about food… it helps you understand your true desired feelings and what you can do to achieve them
  • In working on who I am, and how I want to feel (plus adding in the things that will make me feel that way) my relationship with food shifted & I know many other women have had the same experience!
  • Definitely check this out — feels like a soul-searching vacation without having to go anywhere!


Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole

This was the first book I got when I decided to break free of dieting. I whole-heartedly recommend this. The author breaks down all different types of eaters and helps you figure out what you need so that you can start listening to your body and get rid of all the diet rules.

This book laid the foundation for me to actually be able to move forward away from the binge & restrict diet cycle. If you haven’t picked this one up, then I would say stop!! You must go get this and read it first!!

(Please note that if you purchase any of these books from my site I receive compensation. I believe in these books and only recommend ones I have enjoyed and use currently.)



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