You deserve to live a life that you want… without food getting in the way! Where do you want to be in your relationship with food?

Free of bingeing?
Enjoying life in the present moment?
Free of food noise/rules?
Less obsessed with dieting and losing weight?
Able to listen to your hunger cues and signals?
Able to eat ALL foods you love IN MODERATION while maintaining a healthy weight?

Health coaching can provide any or all of the following depending on YOUR needs:

  • strategies to replace negative behaviors and habits with food
  • how to listen to your body and honor hunger again
  • a nonjudgmental, confidential person to talk with
  • accountability for goal setting
  • help to establish realistic goals and steps to achieve them
  • tips to overcome the diet cycle & mindset
  • tips to quiet food noise, the “all or nothing” voice, food anxieties
  • other services that are tailored to your needs at whatever point you are at in your life
  • move out of the constant diet pressure
  • ways to implement new health and/or fitness habits that are maintainable
  • self-love, self-care, loving your body, staying present with friends and family
  • support and guidance in a whole-life, well-rounded approach
  • tips to eat intuitively while staying fit and healthy
  • simply a nudge in the direction you want to go!
  • Health coaching not for you? Check out the VIRTUAL Finding Balance Program!!
  • *If you are interested in working together, you must sign up for a free consultation beforehand*



Important Details & How it Works!

-5 one on one coaching spots open at a time

-Openings are on December 1, March 1, June 1, and September 1 (if you are interested in working together you can send me an email and we can discuss details!)

-You receive 3 months of one on one sessions (13 total sessions, they do not expire)

-Comes with the Health Coaching Package (which includes 13 guiding worksheets, Intuitive Eating Starter Guide, email & text access to me)

-It is $697.00 for 12-14 sessions, about $55 per session (compared to other coaches, therapists, counselors who range from $50-1,000’s)!

-Email me, Abby, at with any questions!

** You may notice there is no link to purchase right from this site. I prefer for you and I to see if we’re a good fit through a few emails and/or consultation BEFORE giving you the private link to purchase! 🙂 **

Reminder: I am NOT a doctor, counselor, or therapist. I AM a certified health coach with personal experience, and 100’s of clients who have seen success in finding peace with food after years of yoyo dieting. I do not work with eating disorders.


We respect your privacy & do not share any of your info!

About US


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My ultimate goal as a certified health coach is to help as many women as possible transform their relationships with food to find balance, eat everything they love in moderation, quit the obsessive diet cycle and mindset, be present with friends and family all while maintaining a healthy & fit body.