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This group is all about support, encouragement, motivation and accountability as YOU start (or continue) to listen to your body and eat intuitively.

Connect with other women who are ready to be free of dieting, food anxiety, diet stress, and the overwhelming fear of weight gain so you can help each other move towards BALANCE WITH FOOD.

This group will be guided and facilitated by Health Coach Abby Hutcheson from Eat Work Play Balanced!

If you’re wanting to:

  • Meet an accountability partner who will help stay on track to quitting the diet mindset
  • Have an outlet to discuss strategies and tips to listen to your body
  • Have a private place to go to share your story, journey, and what you’re working on!

Then join us here: Free, Private FB group!

I know what it’s like to feel like EVERYONE around you is on a diet, and that you should be too.…

So head to our community to connect with women who want to live a balanced, happy, healthy and long life free of food stress.

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My ultimate goal as a certified health coach is to help as many women as possible transform their relationships with food to find balance, eat everything they love in moderation, quit the obsessive diet cycle and mindset, be present with friends and family all while maintaining a healthy & fit body.