How to stop the restrictive, diet mindset and eat what you want without gaining weight. Also stop overeating for your health

  • Have you ever felt like food has power over you and you can’t let it go?
  • Do you feel like the only way you can be fit and healthy is to be on a strict diet?
  • Do you have the “all or nothing” thinking when it comes to food? Oh, I’ll just have one cookie…. then end up eating the whole box.
  • Do you feel guilty or like a failure when you’ve eaten something that isn’t allowed on your diet?
  • Do you just want to be out of the trap ONCE AND FOR ALL and live a life of FREEDOM?
  • Do you ever wish you could TURN off that diet voice in your mind and just live in the moment without stressing about food?
  • Do you want food to be a PART of your life, but not your whole life?

I’ve asked myself every. single. one. of those questions in the past. I KNOW how it feels to be on that hamster wheel of eating “good” for a few days, then having one “bad” piece of food and you end up going crazy and bingeing on everything! The negative cycle where you are body bashing one minute, punishing yourself with exercise and eating an extremely strict and unrealistic diet.

Luckily, there’s a SOLUTION. I no longer
live like that… and you don’t have to either. The Finding Balance Program is your answer!

This program is different because it is a VIDEO SERIES that you have access to FOREVER, and whenever is convenient for you! Instead of trying to schedule health coaching sessions each week!

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Join by November 1, 2018 and you will get to be a part of the GROUP! We will go through the first 7 core videos TOGETHER in our private Facebook community!

Classic Finding Balance Program
FINDING Balance is a revolutionary program that will transform your relationship with food!
Video Series & Worksheets
Finding Balance Calendar
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Videos & Worksheets = $1,000
Finding Balance Calendar = $25
Total price = $187.00

Some Finding Balance members are saying…

“This program changed my life. It took me through the steps to get to a place where I can find peace from that inner food noise that used to take over my life. I can be present with my kids and family now.”

“I learned how to be kind to myself, less critical, and how to productively get rid of the overpowering binge-cycle.”

“I love this program, it was worth every penny. Abby takes care of you by making sure you have what you need, emailing back, giving constructive feedback and suggestions when you need it, and she made this WHOLE process realistic.”

The Finding Balance Program will transform your relationship with food because it includes:

  • Guides you STEP-BY-STEP to get out of the diet cycle (restrict, binge, guilt, shame, etc) and in the balanced relationship you deserve once and for all.
  • Printable CALENDAR/GUIDE so you know exactly what to do and when (although there is wiggle room to go at your own pace of course)!
  • Requires NO GUESS WORK. You can check things off as you feel confident in those aspects
  • Access to this video series (it’s on a member’s only, password protected site) whenever is CONVENIENT for you
  • Over 15 video or audio recordings (each is like a one-on-one health coaching sessions) that walk you through each vital piece to finding your own personal balance
  • Each video includes a worksheet
  • VIP members have 6 one-on-one health coaching sessions
  • Program members always take priority and I respond quickly!
  • Updates with newest research, resources, and strategies!

What is it worth to you get this result? I know I wish I had this exact program when I was in my diet, binge, cycle.


Can’t wait to hear YOUR testimonial! Do not wait to start making changes!

We believe so strongly in this system to overcome any negative eating cycles! There is a 90 day money back guarantee. If in 90 days, you have not seen improvement in your eating habits, please present the following to receive your money back:

  • All worksheets completed
  • Journalling completed
  • Calendar/guide followed & implemented!

Now, let’s do this… start making changes NOW! Click “purchase” to get started!



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